ENGINEERING achievements

  • Preparation for dismantling the PHÉNIX power plant
  • Expert appraisals and tests in the context of OPMAD PHÉNIX
  • Drafting of technical documents and tests in support
    of Prime Contractor and Project Manager tests
  • "Chevilles A2" Project Manager for the EDF reactors
  • Work Coordinator for the renovation
    of the PHÉNIX power plant
  • Quality monitoring of services provided
  • Preparation of project documents (RGV, PHÉNIX, ITER)
  • Work Coordinator and Supervisor for joint EDF teams
  • Technical and engineering assistance
    for CEA, SUEZ, and SOGETI
  • Supervision of work on AREVA CXII
  • Monitoring and inspection on AREVA Tricastin
  • Inspection of assignments for AREVA Paris
  • Quality assistance and quality control on AREVA RECII
  • Technical assistance on the COLIS 9PX, ITER, RJH projects

DESIGN achievements

  • 3D CAD modelling, 3D animation and follow-up on INBS-PN
  • Design and follow-up of in-zone mechanical work
  • Design for IR800 packaging on CASCAD
  • Basic design for the drainage scenario
    Pool G and related tooling, Decladding Building at Marcoule
  • Studies and benchmark for ITER HVAC design (SUEZ)
  • Basic design of the PEMDYN test loop project
  • Changes to PN-SN plans
  • Basic design of the Grenoble GIROFLE - CEA project
  • Supervised implementation of
    IRWST - AREVA TA project equipment
  • Preparation of special manufacturing machine plans
  • Design work on the ATALANTE project

TEST achievements

  • Liquid penetrant inspection of EPR FA3
    weld-fabricated parts
  • Visual inspections according to ASME
    on welded assemblies for MOX/U.S.
  • Three-dimensional template inspections
    for ENDEL/ SUEZ
  • Endoscopic inspections on pipes
  • Video-endoscopic inspections of internal cleanliness (pipes, bottles, etc.)
  • Various NDTs (liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, visual, and dimensional) on sites
    (GBII, RECII, CXII, SOCATRI, FBFC, CEA, etc.) and in plants